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at interviews I used to ask
"what would you like to do with us?" talents must be encouraged and valued,
never forced
when you have long-term horizons"

the company was founded on March 8th, 2002
coincidentally on Women's Day

by Antonio G. Piretti (Arthur Andersen & Kpmg Consulting) and Giorgio D'Ascenzo (Value Partners).
It has developed over time by carrying out both consulting and entrepreneurial projects.
The core of the activity was an innovative project, one of a kind, project on leisure and entertainment called "EnjoyToz" which was born as an information portal to direct people to the best clubs. Still, over time the promotion was joined by an incredible number of events of all kinds, it became a Tour Operator and Travel Agency and finally also a Music Record Label.
Over the years, various partners, numerous employees, and external collaborators have joined the company.
Numerous projects have been successfully tackled in very different fields. Thanks to the talent, constant commitment, and total dedication of the company's team, we have achieved these results. A special thanks to Manolo Monari, who was hired as an intern in 2004, became a Partner and provided an essential contribution to the company's development journey.
Currently, the company is composed of four partners, represented by CEO Antonio G. Piretti, who also holds most of the shares.

Antonio G. Piretti

founded Dream Ideas Srl after an intense professional experience, during which he has operated in different businesses, and challenged himself in diverse environments and roles. With Arthur Andersen and KPMG Consulting, he first worked as an auditor of the finance industry, and then as a management consultant, building competence in corporate strategy, valuations, feasibility studies and corporate turnarounds. As a freelance, he then operated in the fields of strategic marketing, corporate communication, and finance. Graduated cum laude in Business Administration at the University of Bologna, Antonio has been always active as a consultant and entrepreneur in the leisure & entertainment industry.

dates to remember:


  • ’14 - present: founder - Art Takes Action for Charity (private charity organization, Canada) to support good causes through Art events

  • ‘06 - present: musical songwriting project: TOZ Antonio Piretti

  • ’06 - tourism agency & tour operator’s licence - Technical Director Government Examination (Italy)

  • ’02 - present: founder - Dream Ideas Srl: to develop attractive businesses and provide valuable consulting to clients

  • '01- ‘02 Area Banca Spa: asset analysis advisor, private banking, financial advisor.

  • ‘01 - member of the National Board of the Financial Consultants (Italy)

  • ’01 - ‘01 Osc Bologna Srl: communication & congress organization.

  • '00 - ‘00 Kpmg Consulting Spa: consulting - consumer & industrial markets

  • '98 - ’00 Arthur Andersen Spa: auditing & consulting - finance and hospitality & leisure markets

  • ​’97 - University of Bologna: degree in Economy and Business Administration (grade: 110/110 cum laude)

  • '96 - ’04 - co-founder - Fandango Srl: to manage & organize events involved in the leisure & entertainment market

  • ’92 - '04 - freelance marketing consultant - experienced in consulting & organization of events concerning leisure, entertainment & music concerts

​“I have known Antonio for over 30 years, I can say that I am his friend and I'm proud of it, since he is a sincere and transparent person, loyal and correct. From a professional point of view in every activity in which he has ventured he has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment and stubbornness, for this reason I asked him to come work with me 20 years ago.

In that period he confirmed his human qualities which he places at the first plan the value of "others" and customers. Competence but above all ethics prevails in professional attitudes and the working period spent together was rich in content and satisfaction for me.”

​​Daniele Farini, Group Manager Zurich Bank

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