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"stop and turn around for a moment
thinking back to what has been done
it's impressive"


conceived, analyzed, and developed on our own as well as in partnership with other partners. The same resources and know-how used to study and carry out entrepreneurial projects we offer to other companies can help capture new business opportunities and solve specific managerial problems

developing entrepreneurial projects as direct investors & consultants. From an initial Business Idea and Feasibility Study, followed by a detailed Business Plan, through the research of Partners and Investors up to the operational implementation. Our projects can be either self-financed or in partnership...

over time, the experience gained in the field allows us to offer consulting services in various fields from tourist, business & financial consulting, to developing new and effective communication strategies for each type of company.
We have also structured, with educational purpose, training courses on the new cryptocurrency market, highlighting its opportunities and risks...

more than 20 years of experience, being also a tour operator & travel agency.
There have been so many events organized that a galaxy would be small in comparison. 
We started with one-nights organized in the clubs and then increased the variety of events, including thematic weekends, themed dinners, prize quizzes, and any type of event with public interaction. We have also designed...

EnjoyToz Music, a small record label, founded to develop the songwriting project of TOZ Antonio Piretti.
From studio recording to post-production (Mixing & Mastering), from promotion to unique & adventurous tours (Europe and North America)....

​“I had the pleasure of meeting Antonio at the beginning of his working career.
Since then I have been able to appreciate all the qualities of him which then allowed him to develop the many projects of success that have characterized his professional and entrepreneurial career, resourcefulness, creativity, dedication to work, multitasking, reliability, great personal empathy, combined with a great ethical sense"

Maurizio Tani, former Partner Arthur Andersen Spa

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