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  • Customer Database Building

  • Visibility & Communication

  • Corporate Presentations

  • Website Development

"It's not just about promoting, but being present and visible to your customer's eyes and building your path with them"

in accordance with the various types of businesses with which we collaborate, we summarize the main services in these categories



we live in a very dynamic era, where technology offers us new opportunities for promotion and contact. We have to deal with both the "real world" and the "online web£. The contact between the seller and the consumer has become shorter than in the past, thanks for example to the development of online search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and social media (FB, Instagram, etc.).
To manage the image and to promote the services/products, we must consider all these forms or channels of communication.
The primary objective is always the loyalty and increase of its customers to better manage development in the medium and long term.
We believe, having experienced it in the field for more than twenty years, that building and carefully managing your customer database (email, cell, direct personal data) represents the best strategy, being able to count on your "own direct channel" to manage your promotional flow (let's not forget that despite having a profile/page on social media, we do not own it, that is, all social media can unilaterally modify, conditions & methods, potentially nullifying with a single move the work lavished in years of dedication).
We can provide our considerable experience in building and managing a valuable database (email, cell, direct personal data) that allows, in fact, a direct and above all "owned contact channel" for customers.
We believe this database represents a fundamental value for the company and its development.


Following the same principles and methodology, we also offer our assistance for the logical and content construction of websites, fundamental channels of communication with your audience, and vehicles for presenting your company and products.

appreciating and taking into account the technological developments, it is necessary to examine the reality of each individual company, its promotional budget, its market, its competitors, and its development objectives, to better outline an effective promotional strategy with short, medium, and long term objectives.
We must always remember that the important thing is not to invest a lot, but to invest in a targeted way, informing your real target customers, perhaps even trying innovative methods.
We can represent an excellent partner in this fundamental business action.


In front of increasingly demanding audiences, the form of what we intend to communicate is in many circumstances as important as its substance. This is particularly true when our interlocutor turns out to be a client, a potential investor, or anyone who could influence the economic success of our company.
Dream Ideas is capable of elaborating high-impact corporate & product presentations, taking care of its content, logical structure, and graphics.
When building a presentation, it is our priority to ensure that its addressee perceives all the “positives” of a company or product as effectively as possible and that these are supported by solid logical arguments.

​“'The work experience made with Antonio in the Viaggi&Assagi project was positive and stimulating thanks to the professionalism, enthusiasm and synergies that Antonio manages to create."

Iber Bolignano, former founder Viaggi & Assaggi Srl

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